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The Rantings of a Red Sox Fan
Warning: May Contain Whining About Losing Streaks
Just a little poem I wrote about my favorite season.

Autumn Fair

Fall's crisp air sweeps over me, bringing a brilliant smile to my face.

The autumn air is fresh and clean. The colors brilliant and bold. 

The reds and yellows and golds, shine brightly in the sun.

Trees sway gently in the cool breaze, birds chirp noisely,

squrriels scamper about, collecting nuts and acorns for the long winter ahead.

Pumpkins are set out on stoops,

adding their splash of color to the scenery.

Soon it will be winter, but until then, I will enjoy the crisp Fall air.

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Oh. My. God.

I have never in all of the last 20 yrs (yikes that's scary to say since I'm on 27!) I've been a Red Sox fan have I seen a team just totally give up on a game like the Sox did in the first game of a double-header.

The Jays scored a run in the first and the offense for the Sox just sat around in a stupor or something while the Jays just added on the runs to eventually beat us 8 to 1.

But the part that pisses me off the most is that by like the bottom of the 6th inning Tito started subbing players in.

Byrd came out of the game after only throwing 59 pitches! I mean WTF. And then later, he takes both Papi and Pedey out of the line-up in an inning where we could have scored more runs than we did (just the lone 1)

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Yes I do. I always have. Though, I've never actually seen one myself, I've felt their presence. And I've heard things that I can't explain. But I suppose those things can be other things, things that are ordinary.

But that doesn't sway my belief in the least. I think too watching Ghost Hunters has really taught me alot about the field of the paranormal. And of course, I love that they are from Rhode Island. Hehe

But yes, I believe.



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Hands down, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. ABC totally blew it when they cancelled the series after the season 4 finalle was taped and never gave anyone a chance to change how the series ended. Fans were left with so many questions about how the baby that Lois and Clark found got there. And where it came from. 

So yeah, I'd love it if that show came back for just one more season. Just to fill in all the gaps. And because it really was an awesome show. :) I miss it.


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 So the Red Sox have finally done it. After all these weeks of bullshit, they traded Manny.

Honestly? I'm glad they did it. Manny really was becoming too much of a drama king. All his bullshitting about this and that was just enough already.

And then to sit out the first game of the Yankee series because of a 'supposed' sore knee that 'supposedly' started  in Seattle, where he sat the last game of that series, well that was probably the last straw for everyone.

Then he starts with all this bullshit about how management and everyone is against him, that the Red Sox don't deserve a player like him. And all of this other shit.

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 Well I'm not that new here. I've sort of lurked around for a while before actually joining this lovely place.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself huh?

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