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Writer's Survey - The Rantings of a Red Sox Fan
Warning: May Contain Whining About Losing Streaks
Writer's Survey
Writer's Survey

1. What genre do you write (poetry, novel, plays...)? I write some poetry, though I don't think it's all that great. *shrugs* Also I write Harry Potter fan fiction, short stories, tried my hand at novel length once, didn't work out too well. I write some prose too, and drabbles.

2. What is a theme that you write a lot about? Romance for the most part, both the good parts of love and the bad. Sometimes I just set out to write the raunchiest thing I can. I've been told (by some anyway) that I'm really good at writing sex. *shrugs*

3. Have you ever written about your own life? Does writing journal/diary entries count? Cause the answer is yes if it does; though I mostly write them over on Open Diary. I really should start writing here on LJ more often. As far as actual stories about my life, kind of. Though it was worked into a fictional story. I guess a small piece of me goes into everything I've written.

4. What is the longest thing you have written? Hmmm well as I mentioned above, I tried my hand at a novel length fiction once. I think I got to 13 chapters. I don't really remember a page count though. But that is the longest thing I've written to date.

5. What would you say is your best work? There are a couple actually that I'm rather fond of. All of them are Harry Potter fan fic except one. One is called The Devil You See and it's sequel Devil's Snare. Also a rather humorous fic called Extreme Death Eater Make-Over: Voldemort Edition. And a little short story called Stolen Moments.

6. Have you ever gotten anything seriously published? You mean besides here on the net? No, I'm not sure I really want to publish my writing. *shrugs* I know others would disagree with me, but I'm not sure that's what I want.

7. Do you ever want to get anything seriously published? I'm not sure I want publish anyting like I said above.

8. Do you want to be a writer when you grow up (that is, writing being your only source of income)? I think this question should be Do you want to be a published writer when you grow up because I am a writer. Just not a published writer. And no I don't want that to be my soul source of income. It's not a job that I want to be paid for. It's more a hobby and a passion. But I don't really want to be paid to do it.

9. Do you let other people read your writing or are you very secretive about it? For the most part, yes I do share it. But it depends on what it is. And even then, I'm picky about who actually gets to see what I've written. If it's something I don't want to share with anyone then no one sees it.

10. Do you ever throw your writing away, or do you keep all of it? I'm pretty bad about keeping everything I've written. Whether it be in the notebooks I have or on my computer. I've pretty much kept it all.

11. Who is your favorite character you have invented? This is a tough one! I've invented a few characters over the years, and I truly love them all for different reasons. But I think Saphira (named after the first  dragon Eragon has in the Inheritence Cycle series)  is my favorite. She is also quite possibly the most interesting character I've ever created. And she's very spunky. Which I love about her. *smiles*

12. What is your greatest source of inspiration? Music. Always has been. As absolutely cliche as it sounds. I've always found inspiration in music, be it the lyrics or the feelings that music invoke in me. I've always sort of written little stories in my head while listening to certain songs. And sometimes those little stories in my head get written down. *smiles* And of course I always write with music on.

13. Name one of your works: Other than the ones I've already mentioned, there is one called Fallen.

14. Is your dream to get on the New York Times Bestseller's list? *Shrugs* Not really, I'm perfectly happy writing and posting on the net if that's what I want to do. Besides I write everything I do for myself first then others.

15. Do you expect to get on the New York Times Bestseller's list? No, and probably not ever.

16. How old were you when you wrote your first serious work? I believe I was 9 or 10. It was about a girl waking up one morning and finding herself to have shrunk to the height of 3 inches and all the adventures and mishaps that follow.

17. If you write poetry, is it rhymed or unrhymed? Unrhymed, I've never believed for a minute that poetry has to rhymn. I think it detracts from it actually because you're too focused on making sure everything ryhmns that you lose the feeling of it.

18. Is imagery one of your strongest points in writing? Yes and no, I always like to make sure a reader has a good mental picture but I don't overdo it either. Emotions are my strongest suit actually. Writing is about feeling but at the same time you need a picture to help that feeling come out. Or so I think.

19. What IS your strongest point in writing? Emotions.

20. What is your weakest point in writing? Grammar definately, I need all the help I can get with it!


21. How many serious works have you written (ones you'd like to get published)? I tend to think everything I write is serious unless it's not meant to be. As for actually wanting it published, not so much.

22. Do you turn your friends and family in to characters in your book? No, I prefer to either create characters on my own or when writing fan fic, try to keep the characters as true to themselves as I can.

23. What is your system on character development? I usually start with a image of what I want them to look like and sort of build from there, it's kind of hard to explain.

24. What writers can you compare yourself with? Uhm, I'm not really sure. I like to think I have my own style.

25. Name another one of your works: Heat, it's kind of a naughty short story.

26. Do you prefer writing over reading? No, I love both. I find that reading can sometimes inspire me to write something. A good example being the Harry Potter series.

27. What was the inspiration for your greatest work? More than likely it was a song. I've written quite a few really good stories to a really good song. Even a couple of song fics.

28. Would you like to live like the characters in your stories? Yeah, sometimes I wish I could live in the world of Harry Potter or even just one of my random characters, without the drama though. *lol*

29. Would you hate one of your stories to be turned into a movie? Yes, because I'd neverlike it and want them to do it all over again. Plus, as I've said, I'm picky about who I let see my writing.

30. Have you ever written a story only to find out that there has all ready been one published exactly like it? In the world of fan fiction, that can sometimes happen, though thankfully so far I haven't had that happen that I know of.

31. Go on, name another one of your works: A Beautiful Lie (yes, named after the song).

32. What is it about? It's about how a lie is weaved and how sometimes, it's really easy to tell a lie. Until sooner or later the lie becomes an almost truth.

33. Do you think you are a better writer than most of your contemporaries? Heck no! There are far better writers out there than me. Annie being a very prime example. Her command of the English language makes me very jealous.

34. Are most of your stories about the same thing, or do they cover a lot of different themes? No, they are all about different things, though I do tend to write a lot of stuff about love.

35. Is writing a challenge for you, or does it come naturally? It has always come naturally to me.

36. Have you ever taken a creative writing class? Yes, once in elementry school, then in high school, and then again in college.

37. Have you ever written an entire novel? No, a multi chapter story? Yes. Novel, no.

38. Have you ever sent your work in to a publisher, only to have it declined? No because I've never sent anything to a publisher.

39. Name another one of your works: Just A Girl

40. What is this story about? It's about a girl who yearns to be noticed as more than just a girl, to be noticed as the woman she's starting to become. To be noticed by that special someone.

41. And finally, is writing the most important thing in your life? I wouldn't say the most important thing in my life, because my friends and family are more important than writing. But it is extremely important to me. It's important because it's my refuge when things get tough. It's how I express myself. It's a part of my soul. I'd be lost if I couldn't write.

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